About me

I always liked writing blog posts. I write since 2014 when I joined Netguru. First, I wanted to give back to the community, specifically Ember community, what I learned during multiple Ember-based commercial projects. Spending tens or hundreds of hours on writing was worth these couple moments when somebody, known or a stranger, reached out to me and thanked for a particular blog post that helped him or her solve the problem.

I eventually moved to a management role. At Netguru I was running frontend department and lead half of backend department. Over 70 people in your team can give you a lot of lessons. Now I am Engineering Manager at Intercom. Tens of millions users, again, can give you a lot of lessons.

Opinions about engineering are a set of summaries of my experiences, lessons learned and just an opinions on a wide range of high-level software problems. Less about code, more about culture, leadership, and management.